Joker's Republic


From our debut EP "Anti-Social Media" released in April 2017:

We, The Elected Representatives of the Joker’s Republic began as an idea, (much like literally everything else man-made on this planet.) The idea to see what would happen if Third-Wave Ska and 90’s-era Punk had a child out of wedlock after a drunken night of debauchery, while they let Metal watch from the corner of their seedy motel room...Metal likes to watch...mmmm....

Anyway...when this little Frankenstein’s monster emerged from the depths of Hades, that idea very quickly became a reality, then rapidly spiraled out of control like the career arc of Nickelback on fire after getting hit by a bus in the middle of a four-way intersection in New York City after stepping on a Lego (and other assorted hysterics), and now we’re here!

“One Nation, Under Ska” indivisible...and together...with your support, dear listener...together we will SAVE Rock and Roll...or y’know, not....

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